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TJ Canada

TJ Canada is the Head Performance Coach and Life Coach. His mission is to teach people how to use adversity to grow physically, spiritually and mentally. TJ has been training athletes since 2006 when he moved to Atlanta. He spent 2008 and 2009 mentoring under Tony Villani, Owner of XPE Sports, and has been utilizing this same methodology that has produced over forty 1st Round Professional Draft Picks. In 2011, TJ was part of the coaching staff and handled the performance training for the first ever GHSA State Championship Walton HS Men's Lacrosse team. TJ combines his leadership and life-skills coaching into all aspects of his performance training and believes an athletes mental skills are more important that the physical skills. For the past thirteen years TJ has trained thousands of youth, college and professional athletes across all sports. TJ is happily married and has two amazing young boys who can always be found playing sports or performing ladder drills alongside the athletes that "Dadda" trains. 

Head Performance Coach
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